We are a bunch of happy go lucky Engineers of yesteryears, by accident, not necessarily by choice. At that time, we were too naive to know any different. We never knew what our X factor was. Some of us are yet to discover our X factor, but have certainly discovered many other factors that are important for thriving, and not merely surviving in life. We were all average guys with humble back grounds, running around with no clue as to where we were going.

We belong to the period when exams were passed by rote. (Wonder if it is any different now). One explanation of this aspect is that our learned teachers also and most of the time they were seeking aid of notes and books while teaching us, and our confidence in some of them was lacking. One of us who had come from a village school , his English teacher, who himself was learning simultaneously, was once asked what is the meaning of IN, he promptly replied inside. Student repeated that he was seeking the meaning of INN and not In to which the response from teacher was little more inside. By no means this is to show disrespect to any one of them, but than feelings, perceptions and beliefs mean a lot in life.

We are into discovering humor in the professional lives of today’s all kinds of engineers , doctors, architects, chartered accountants , social media and digital professionals , managers, leaders and business owners who are full of dreams, ambition, hard work, jealousy, at times posturing and practicing hypocrisy.

New Delhi

July 2019