Swapna Peri
Book Title

The title of the book ' The Accidental Engineers: Toppers Excuse ' is fascinating and thoughtful

Book Cover

The cover image of the book is a technical drawing of a room that usually the Engineers draw with some figurines. The cover image aptly suits the title!

Inside the book

his book is a collection of many memories but also teaches many important life lessons that are to be tasted, experienced, and enjoyed.

My review

Generally in the non-fiction genre, some books make you think. Sometimes there will be books that make you experience human feelings. But, books like this are not so common which tickle your nostalgia, make you re-live the memories, laugh, sigh, grin and finally thank everything and everyone that made you what you are now. The 42 chapters are just beautifully presented.

This book, ' The Accidental Engineers: Toppers Excuse ' is such which made me re-live the yesteryears of my Engineering college and work life. Every chapter was a memory that I embraced with lots of affection and emotion. There are some layers in our minds that are never unveiled and when we plan to do it later in life, we tend to forget it in the busy hustle-bustle. Books like this help us unveil, think, and implement the procrastinated things whatever maybe with more poise and grace.

This book is as entertaining and funny as serious it is. On one side it explains the difficulties on the same page it gives us witty liners. It is so uncommon that I underline sentences in every chapter. This book made me do the task of underlining many sentences. Few lines that I loved, laughed and thought is:

and many more lines like this. Read Full review

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I have read the book and found it very practical & easy to understand and implement. Must read for everyone working in PSU .

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G.K. Satish
Director (Planning & Business Development), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

“Issues relevant for professional growth different stages of career in corporate life are rightly identified. Very practical inputs based on personal experience of Pradeep in industry. Easy to read and comprehend. Refreshing reminder for practicing professional managers.”

Sandeep Puri
Associate Professor, Asian Institute of Management Manila, Phillipines.

Coming from rich and practical experience of Pradeep in corporate life, the book impacts thinking on issues concerning personal and professional growth. Gives a critical insights to enhance your personal indexes of listening, approachability, likeability, luck and trust. Evaluating and managing your boss yourself as a boss and visiting Mental gyms make it useful and interesting for all professional managers.

Subodh Goel
Works at IndianOil

#An essence of life experience still so true and shall continue for time to come. Straight actionable and useful for working people at every stage of their career.

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey
Padmashree Awarded, Chairman- Max Institute of Minimal Access

Excellent read@pradeep_chhabra a brilliant quote from his book-Each of us dream to be the CEO of a company when we start our career; only few handful reach that stage. We all compete vigorously, not realising that even if we win, at the end we remain a rat#Uncorkyourselfnotbottles.

Dalip Jolly
Managing Director - Fena Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Chabbra Saheb

My sincere apologies for I should have written this mail a long time back. But the honest reason for delay in writing this mail is that I am generally not a voracious reader & I am a slow reader due to paucity of time from my work schedule.

However your book “ Uncork yourself not your bottles “ was so interesting that it compelled me to read on - though in instalments & I am re-reading parts of it - those parts that I find as interesting lessons.

Sir, Your book emanates the fragrance & flavour of your simple humane personality , very deep practical knowledge of the complex subject of Management, gathered & practiced by you during your most successful & illustrious professional career.

All t hat you have written in your book is not taught in any Business School. Each chapter is a Specialised Management course - put in a simple, brief & explicit Nutshell.

I consider the book “Uncork yourself not your bottles “ as an essential ready reference KIT to be carried by all managers all the time - like a Doctor carries his Stethoscope.

It covers almost all the aspects of Management explained in the simplest possible manner. It is a Practical course in Management Practice without any jargon.

I gained a lot from your book, Sir. Thank you very much indeed.

My sincere best wishes & I look forward to more such volumes from your learned Pen.

Fazayal Shabbir
AGM – Enterprise Training and Development Vodafone Idea Limited

I have read your book “ UNCORK YOURSELF, NOT BOTTLES” and found it very helpful. Most of the management books in the market are full of complicated jargons which make them difficult to understand and implement. This book however is like a breath of fresh air. Written in a simple and easy to understand language with practical concepts loaded with real life examples. Must read for everyone working in corporate sector.

Chief HR Manager, Haldia Refinery-Indianoil Corp LTD


Read your book uncork yourself not bottles… I’m an working executive in middle management of Indianoil corporation and I feel more proud when you provide examples in the book which is not only relevant to Indianoil or our office but in fact touches the inner soul….thank you for gifting us such a wonderful read….

Satish Sharma

It is easy to read book with great management thoughts based on practical experience of Pradeep. I had an opportunity to interact with him at Bijwasan during early 80.

Abhay Singh
Asst. Vice President -PET | Indorama Ventures

#Uncork yourself# it is subtle, terse and intense verse of Corporate lessons. It is like well-crafted notes of a textbook. Awesome reading. I sold this book to my wife now (non-commercial transaction)!

Ashish Vidyarthi
National award winning Actor, Thinker, Speaker.Founder AVID MINER

The amazing within needs to be uncorked.. Can be Independent (not isolated), of what the world is doing… All the very best for you book release Pradeep Chhabra.. Warm regards

Alok Roy
President at Indian Oil Officers' Association

A must read for all professional managers wanting to excel in their respective fields irrespective of function they are in. Pradeep Chhabra has identified issues all confront on daily basis in our career and present it in a very simple manner. Liked the concept of mental gym. His experience both in private & public sector makes it different. My good wishes to you Sir.

B. C. Joshi

‘UNCORK YOURSELF NOT BOTTLES’ is a must read book for all young executives who are missing the level of mentoring their senior counterparts experienced. I could relate with the incidents narrated in the book so easily as if this is my own story with names and space-time co-ordinates changed. The book is about the corporate life and the mantras given are simple and practical but are the outcome author’s deep observations and meaningful insights into this much hyped corporate world. I wish all the success to this excellent piece of work from the author.

Rajaram Shastri
Worked at Indian Oil Corporation Marketing Division Mumbai

Pradeep I am very proud of you & known you from 1982 onwards. Excellent way you have put your thoughts in the book. My congratulations to you & keep writing.

Rajneesh Malhotra
Chief Cardiac Surgeon at Max Super Speciality Hospital

Read few lines as they are available online, seems great and contemporary…, have ordered for print version, would read it and would let you know for sure. Good to have a communication from you and known literary aspect of yours … All the best and regards.

Vinod Kumat
Senior Vice President at Reliance Infrastructure Ltd.

Very useful tips to deal with corporate life esp. About managing your boss and about the “The Man In The Mirror”. Pragmatic book every corporate guy should read!

Sushil Rawlley

Pradeep Ji, I have gone through your book and appreciate your in-depth knowledge of the corporate world. The book is very inspiring and useful to the upcoming generation joining this sector on managerial positions.

Sanjay Kumar Singh
GAIL (India) Limited

A good book to read, Following points are covered in details

1. Real experience sharing
2. Real time detailing
3. PSU vs Private
4. Your stand in corporate world

Many more things to cover still by me as well.

I will request all my fellow colleague to read this book as a changer in their life.


Hello Sir, It was great interacting with at the DCE-DTU Alumnus meet on 31 March 2018.I am really touched by the book and I continue to read the book,it was a pleasure interacting with you and looking forward to meeting you in person in future.

Satyendra Sahai

Catchy title upfront and loads of practiced solutions for manager dilemma inside. I recall Pradeep was in complete agreement when mental gym I practiced with newly formed northern region team. Readers would get benefited with effective tools which are uncommon yet effective. In wholesome, uncorking is made jargon free and gelling to typical work-life. Worth more than it's price.

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