The book gives you a low down on what all board members of an organisation deal with or are expected to deal with. The board room is a place where bold ideas become a reality, where strategy is crafted and decisions are made that shape the future of the company, great leaders are forged through the fire of tough decisions and heated debates, and where visionaries go to turn their dreams into action, where the rubber meets the road, where the talk ends and the work begins.

The board room is a place where the difference between success and failure is determined by the quality of the decisions made, and where the company's direction is set. Its future is determined, where the fate of the company is decided, where the best ideas win and the weakest are discarded, where leaders come to lead, and where the future is shaped.

You will be able to assess how strong and competent your company board is on various attributes of knowledge, integrity, transparency, commitment, governance and for the benefit of employees and stakeholders.

Who should be a board member, what makes a board weak what can ruin the future of employees & business are covered in the book.

During my professional career, I have had the privilege of associating with many of the professionals who are /were members of the board of large companies. Some of them were exceptionally bright, some downright stupid, some toxic, and some reached the position on the board by unfair means. For a few of them, priorities were in the order of Company first, team and self. Exactly the reverse was the order of priority for a few others, who were toxic in the professional field. In case you are unlucky, you may end up with these persons in the later category.

All of us when we start our professional careers, we do aspire to be in the top position in the domain of the organisation we work. If you are lucky enough, or if you are competent enough, you may hit the board position and end up heading the board itself.

The book is for you if you have just started your career and want to have deep dive into the entire organisational aspects. You would be able to see ahead of time as to what you are expected to do or how wide and big the canvas you need to paint as you grow in the organization.

The book is for you if you are nearing the top position and about to get into the board of the company. You need to reframe or rewire or realign your mindset on the issues you would be required to deal with.

The book can aid or assist you in framing the right questions for meaningful analysis. You will be able to see clearly whether it is an issue of branding, marketing or logistics issue.

Book will give you the flavour of the vocabulary and the terms which are used by the board members who are also known as directors on the board of the company.

Book will commence your journey for next steps, trigger your thoughts as to what all you and your colleagues across the organisation are engaged in.

Book is organised in two parts; first part is on all about boards structure, who should be on board, responsibilities, consequences of actions of board members. How humour helps, how politics are played, What weakens the board, what helps in brand building, how important is market intelligence, how crucial conversations be held,how to resolve conflicts, team building, etiquettes, choice of words are some of the topics outlined in the first part.

A quip or a quote relevant to board actions separates each chapter.

Second part of the book details all the terms used in context of board matters. Terms or the critical words often used in the board room are organised in the book in Alphabetical order from A to Z, to facilitate ease of approach to a particular item which may come across your mind.

New Delhi

Jan 2023