You do not have to read what Mukesh Ambani or Satya Nadella or Jeff Bezos or Indra Nooyi or Anand Mahindra or Bill Gates or Nandan Nilekani or Virat Kohli is reading. Just be aware that they read a lot and quite a lot. Because they read, they are what they are. Book encourages you to read what you like; Read the way you want; Read when you like: Read where you like: Read if you have just finished Academics. Read in the presence of your children. Read with your family. Read if you are an expectant mother. Read irrespective of trade or profession you are in. Let your TV remote be quarantined at least for a few days in a week, if not all seven days.By reading, you will rediscover, reorient, reengineer, rebuild yourself along with your family. A newer you will emerge.

You will evolve continuously with the changing times. Success comes through iteration: Invent, launch, reinvent, relaunch, start over, rinse, repeat again and again. Be aware that you are hurting yourself by not reading. Your personal development has stopped. Your mental growth has halted. You are already behind the persons who read regularly. Very soon, you will be wondering as to what happened, how it happened and when it happened. It happens slowly but surely. Just reading newspaper is not enough. Just reading what pops up on google search is not enough. Discover the joy of reading! Install the bug of reading in your brain; you will be on the superhighway to get to next levels continuously. Suddenly you will discover what all you missed in life. Congrats if you read this: take the next step to begin right away! Books provide the right fodder; books offer the right kind of nourishment all the time for your mind. What you eat is essential and at the same time, what goes in our mind is equally significant. An upset stomach is as dangerous as a bitter mind. Minds also need a regular wash. You may have to apply Ctrl-alt-del at times on few things lying unused or spreading virus or venom in your thought process in your mind. Books do that very quietly, and they are the most economical way out for such remedies. Ignore books at your peril.

New Delhi

Feb 2021