Idea for writing this book after my earlier Book UNCORK YOURSELF NOT BOTTLES emerged post the reactions to the book which were in plenty and very encouraging for me. Feedback came from all age groups through LinkedIn, Tweets, FB , Instagram and by word of mouth. Encouragement from the extended family was overwhelming. All my concerns of being first time author were ill founded. My conviction that try to be first time right also got fortified.

This book covers topics which stay relevant irrespective of the changes in technology, environment, social, political economic, financial, local and global landscape. Topics are relevant whether you are an Engineer, Chartered accountant, Doctor, Architect, Journalist, Lawyer, Media person, Sports lover, Critic or any other function so long as you are working with people around you who can be your spouse, colleagues, peers, boss, customer, patient, friend subordinate, attendant, driver etc. We are all in the business of managing people. Everyone needs to improve their respective ability to deal with people.

One can’t live in isolation and therefore always be conscious of the fact that what you speak, way you speak, way you dress, way you walk , way your body language expresses the words you speak, way you write your mails or WhatsApp, way you smile (fake or genuine)way you listen to others, way you address and treat persons below you who are powerless and of lower strata in the society, way you behave when no one is watching you, what you read if at all you do, choice of words, vocabulary , dominant use of few selected words defines you all.

Book covers issues relevant for Professional life of yours. Be aware of your deeds irrespective of level you are at. Remain as you were on day one of your career on our enthusiasm, learning and effort to succeed. Be agile or you will be run over sooner than later. Be ready to accept your area of weakness and once you do that you are on path to next orbit and many higher orbits thereafter. Be ready to communicate in a manner that you can figure out as to what is perceived and not what is spoken.

In professional life and in long careers there are always times when you need the company to support you and vice versa situation of company needing your support will come. Be ready for these situations. I personally have gone through very difficult times in my personal life and support provided by my employer was exceptional.

Are you conscious of your happiness, humility Index like other personal indices of Approachability, Likability, Listening, Luck, Trust & Simplicity as explained in earlier book. Do you love status quo in your personal and professional life? Figure out. Maintaining status quo is the most dangerous attribute both personally and professionally.

Post few successes or after occupying a strategic and important position in professional life, have you reached a stage of intellectual arrogance when you have a feeling that you can do no wrong? Check it out. You may have already started hurting yourself.

Are you aware as to how long your present job is going to last? Are you employed or employable? Are you in a comfort zone with current job? Are you doing the same thing year after year resulting in one-year experience multiple times. Find ways to smile, find ways to feel and stay young mentally as you grow older and one sure way of doing this is to spend time with your school and college friends. Believe you me if you are not spending time with your friends of yesteryear’s , you are growing older at a speed faster than expected.

Book is in two parts. Before and after the interval. Interval is midpoint of your career when you are set up as a professional rearing to touch the top. Don’t you wish to be Lion and not a mouse, don’t you wish to be a Butterfly and not an Ant in Corporate circus ? Let us begin…