Pradeep Chhabra

Pradeep Chhabra is an astute and result oriented professional with more than 4 decades (1976-2017) of experience both in the Public and Private sector in managing business and business development activities in downstream of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical. He has in his long career established many new businesses in these segments which are now multi billion dollars by revenue. He was born and brought up in Delhi. He is a Mechanical engineer by education and marketer at heart and lives in Delhi with his wife, Meenakshi and son, Siddhant. He enjoys listening to music, loves travelling and reading non-fiction. He is a firm believer in raising the professional and personal standards of others. Has extensive footprints in social media on LinkedIn , Facebook & Twitter. He can be reached at

Pradeep has do far published four nonfiction books, one in each year of 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021 post his regular job.


Latest book released in Feb 2021 is


You do not have to read what Mukesh Ambani or Satya Nadella or Jeff Bezos or Anand Mahindra or Bill Gates or Nandan Nilekani or Virat Kohli is reading . Just be aware that they read a lot .

Read what you like ; Read the way you like ; Read when you like : Read where you like : Read if you have just finished Academics. Read in presence of your children . Read with your family .Read if you are an expectant mother. Read irrespective of trade or profession you are in . Let your TV remote be quarantined at least for 7 days in a week, if not more.

You will rediscover, reorient , reengineer , rebuild yourself along with your family. A newer you will emerge. You will evolve continuously with the changing times.

Be aware that you are hurting yourself by not reading. Your personal development has stopped . Your mental growth has halted . You are already behind the persons who read regularly . Very soon , You will be wondering as to what happened , how it happened and when it happened . It happens slowly but surely. Just reading newspaper is not enough . Just reading what pops up on google search is not enough.

Discover the joy of reading ! Install the bug of reading in your brain ; you will be on superhighway to get to next levels continuously . Suddenly you will discover what all you missed in life ....Congrats if you read this : take the next step to begin right away !

Books provide the right fodder , books provide right kind of nourishment all the time for your mind . What you eat is important and at the same time what goes in our mind is equally significant . An upset stomach is as dangerous as an upset mind. Minds also need a regular wash . You may have to apply Ctrl-alt-del at times on few things lying unused or spreading virus or venom in your thought process in your mind . Books do that very quietly and books are the most economical way out gir such remedies . Ignore books at your own peril !

Success comes through iteration : Invent , launch, reinvent , relaunch , start over , rinse , repeat again and again .


THE ACCIDENTAL ENGINEERS -TOPPERS EXCUSE (Lessons from personal and professional lives of accomplished engineers):2020

Connects the dots between academic life and professional world. Professional world and Academics are two different places. Real life lessons have been drawn from the college activities like copying assignments, travel, annual festivals, attendance, lectures and from professional world like missing a promotion , being in comfort zone , listening with eyes, choosing a mentor, loving your problems in personal and professional life. Book has a foreword by Mr. Arvind Saxena Chairman UPSC ; who finds the book interesting


CONQUERING CORPORATE CIRCUS ( Be a lion and not a mouse !Be a butterfly and not an ant) 2019

On cannot live in isolation and therefore always be conscious of the fact that way you speak, your choice of words, way you speak, way you walk , way you dress, way you address and treat people below you who are not so powerful , way you behave when no one is watching you, way you smile ( Fake or Genuine) defines you. There is lot of power in your etiquettes which can compensate for your professional skill sets. Book is endorsed by Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Director (Marketing), Indian Oil and has a foreword by Himanshu Kapania, as Vice Chairman Grasim Industries Ltd ( Aditya Birla group) Book is a part of joining kit of a large number of all new Engineers , MBAs , CAs of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.


UNCORK YOURSELF NOT BOTTLES (Step up to next level of Professional & Personal life) 2018

It is about you, your career, your boss, and your surrounding in professional life. Quoting real life incidents , book captures some interesting insights on managing your boss, creating your own mental gym , improving your trust, likability, approachability index are few of many other areas of focus for stepping up to next level of personal and professional life. Book is endorsed extensively by many on like Mr. GK Satish, Director Planning and Business development, Indian Oil , Professor Sandeep Puri, Professor , Asian Institute of Management Manila , Philippines.